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Control Your Boat Productions

Control Your Boat Productions is founded by Rianna Grace Morgan. The production company's goal is to encourage and support actors and filmmakers, to expand their skills and experience. 

Hierarchy Happens Poster

Hierarchy Happens

9-Episode Series

The hierarchy of a friend group is disrupted when a new girl joins the school.

Just One Seizure
(2023): Short Film

Every seizure is different,

this is what one could feel like.

Just One Seizure Poster
Group Project Poster

Group Project
(2023): Short Film

Three unexpected friends are partnered

up for a group project.

Delighted Yet
Dreading This Date
(2023): Short Film

Reagan is getting ready for a date. She tries on multiple outfits to find the perfect one while going through various emotions and discovering who she is.

Bonus: Live Stage Performance

Delighted Yet Dreading This Date Poster

I'm Fine
(2023): Short Film

A group of friends are oblivious to the struggles one of them is going through.

I'm Fine Poster
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