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Here are some links and resources to learn more about seizures, episodes, and other neurological disorders. 

If you are confused, ask. 

Never be afraid to ask for help. 

Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation provides information about understanding and living with seizures. This is a great site for both people with seizures, and people who have a loved one with seizures. 

Epilepsy Ontario

"Epilepsy Ontario: promoting independence and optimal quality of life for children and adults living with seizure disorders." (Epilepsy Ontario).

If you are not from Ontario, you can still use this resource, but can also try looking up Epilepsy resources in your area, there may be more information about your health system there. 


ReelAbilities supports film makers and actors with disabilities. They have events to connect people and resources to get people involved in the film industry. 

Sick Kids

Find information and ask questions from a trusted medical information network. 

National Association of Epilepsy Centers jj5v2c22a

This is an American resource. It has an informative "Patient Resources" page to further and better understand seizures and disorders. 

"You can't go back to 'normal',

you have to create your new normal."

Rianna Grace Morgan

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